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Le blog de lepouvoirdelaconnaissance

Le blog de lepouvoirdelaconnaissance

Venez partager et commenter ( dans le respect svp ) , ceci est un blog de brainstorming pour ceux et celles qui sont éveillés face à la réalité.

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October 01, 2013 ... COMET ISON ALERT ... NASA HAS SHUT DOWN ALL INFORMATION RELEASE ON ALL TOPICS INCLUDING COMET ISON ... don't tell me this is due to congress ... NASA already had its money in hand and there is no reason to shut down operational servers ... unless you want to ... given the clear indications that the "gov" is planning a wide scale power outage ... how convenient to have the gov shut down including all reporting from our illustrious space agency ... could they be planning on it sooner since i already called them on this issue and everyone is tuned ... things are getting nuts out here ... essentially we do not have a government ... i suggest you follow my information ... i will volunteer to be your federal government in lieu of the banker imitation federal government we have been lulled into thinking was the real government ... jim mccanney BE PREPARED TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELVES !!!

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